Winter Energy Saving Tips

October is the month most people turn on their heating but as energy bills rocket and fuel prices are sky high, more and more households need to consider delaying their annual 'switch on' until later in the year.

We often coincide turning our heating on with the day the clocks go back. But we could save anything up to £80 a month by delaying our switch flicking for a few weeks.

This doesn't mean that you and your family have to freeze throughout October. There are plenty of energy saving tips that will keep your homes warm at the right times and save money in the process.

  1. Delay switching on the boiler. You will save around £19 per week by doing a number of things, such as keeping doors to rooms closed, preventing any draughts or by simply putting on a jumper and waiting. October is often a mild month to spend £80 on gas!
  2. Switch to a high efficiency condensing boiler. If your boiler is over 15 years old, you could save around 35p per £1 by investing in a high efficiency model, which could add up to £240 every year. And considering that boilers of this age need to be replaced anyway, you shouldn't balk at this essential purchase!
  3. Install proper controls on your heating systems including TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) on radiators and a room thermostat in a central area. This will allow you to set the temperature in every room, heating you and not the spare room. Remember not to install a TRV in the same room as the room thermostat.
  4. Keep your bedroom cool. A drop in body temperature tells your body to go to sleep, so turn the TRV down and keep the bedroom cooler than the rest of the house, save money and even improve your sleep pattern.
  5. Install weather controls on your boiler. Technology exists that allows your boiler to respond to the outside temperature, automatically reducing the flow temperature on mild days and thereby saving you money.
  6. Turn your boiler down. Turning down the thermostat on your boiler could save you up to 10% on your bill without you noticing any difference. (Note that this can be done automatically by doing #5)
  7. Get your boiler serviced. As well as being an essential safety requirement, a regular service will repay dividends in efficiency and performance - but don't leave it until winter to find a qualified heating specialist!
  8. Renewable technology. If you care about the long term impact of your fuel consumption on your finances and carbon footprint, consider the next generation of renewable energy systems available, such as solar hot water panels and ground source heat pumps. They will ease the burden on your boiler and on your gas bill.

James Parkinson of Vaillant says: "Historically, research shows us that October is the month that most people switch on their heating after the summer months. However, rather than rushing to fire up the central heating, hold off for a few weeks - and use the time to take a few measures that will continue to save you money all winter.

"Simply turning down the boiler will reduce your gas consumption, and if you turn your room thermostat down a couple of degrees too, you'll save more: and the only place you'll actually feel the difference is in your bill - which will be lower. Do you need to heat every room? If you never go in the spare room, turn the radiator off and shut the door. And did you know that keeping your bedroom cooler actually helps you sleep as well as saving money?

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