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It's always a good time to start composting! No matter what time of year you start to compost, the material will start to break down and produce lovely organic matter for you to put back onto your garden.

Many local councils offer a basic compost bin at a discounted price or even free of charge, so it it is worth checking before you buy your own.

However if you need to buy your own composter or have if you've outgrown your first one, here is a selection of the different types of composters available.

Basic Plastic Composters

Basic functional compost bins in moulded plastic

blackwall composter

Blackwall Compost Converter

A good basic composter available in black or green and with a 220L and 330L capacity. This is the type that your local council is most likely to offer.

The kids can also pretend that it is a Dalek when they play Dr. Who too.

From and Evengreener


Thermo King

Do you need a really big bin? This one holds 900L and is thermally insulated. Made from recycled plastic, it also comes in 400L and 600L sizes.

From and Evengreener

Compost Tumbler

Terra Heavy Duty Compost Tumble

With a capacity of 190L, you can rotate the Tumbler 2-3 times a week and composting time can be vastly reduced. Compost is kept moist in hot weather too.

From Amazon

Wooden Composters

More attractive than having a big black Dalek in your garden.

Compost Box

The Compost Box

This traditional style composter is made from pressure treated FSC wooden slats. Guaranteed for 15 years against rot and available in 3 different sizes.

Available from The RHS

Klip-Kit Compost Bin

Klip-Kit Compost Bin

This 100% recycled timber bin is supplied as a build-it-yourself kit. The wood is treated with eco-friendly preservative.

These kits are hand made in UK for Pathway charity which helps disadvantaged adults.

Available at Gables and Gardens

Modular Composter

Modular Composter

Build a compost bin to suit your garden and that can grow with your needs using this ingenious modular system. Available as single, double or triple versions.

From Dobies

Something a bit different......

Designer and unusual composters


The Original Compospher

The CompoSphere is an iconic design. This composter has a 315 Litre capacity and because of its shape and design allows you to easily mix and tumble the contents simply by rolling it around.

And it looks a bit like a space ship has landed in your garden.

From Greenfingers

Rotol 300

Rotol Classic 300 Composter

Elegant and modern, this award-winning composter optimises the essential heat-generating stage of successful composting. 100% recycled plastic.

Available from

beehive composter

Beehive Composter

This attractive compost bin is supplied in a natural unpainted state but you could paint it to match your garden's colour scheme.

It's capacity is 438L and it is made of wood from FSC Certified managed forests and is ACQ pressure treated.

From Greenfingers

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of Reduce Reuse Recycle.

Last updated 31st March 2017

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