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How To Recycle Pens

How To Recycle Pens

Image Credit: Kelly Sikkema

Most houses in the UK probably have a vast number of pens; some will be new, some will be old and dried up, some with just a tiny bit of ink left in them.

Fortunately your old plastic biros, fibre tips, gel pens and other writing instruments do not need to go to landfill. Recyclers Terracycle have partnered with pen manufacturer Bic to set up community pen recycling points across the UK at schools, shops and businesses.

You can find your nearest collection point using their drop-off location finder tool on the website which includes details of how your school or business can become a Community Champion if there is not a location near you.

Once the pens have been received for recycling, they are cleaned and separated into different materials, then the plastic is melted down and used to make new products. Better still the Community Champion receives a donation for any collection over 15Kg.

You can also drop off your unwanted pots of collection fluid, highlighters and markers, so clean out your pencil case and get all those useless pens off for recycling.

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