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Come Home To A Green Fire

Paper Log Maker From Natural Collection

If you like to have a real fire in your home, have an Aga or a Chiminea, a great way to recycle and save money on fuel is to burn some of your household waste.

The first is the Paper Logmaker which is available from, which will turn approximatly one newspaper into one compact burnable log which will burn for an hour.

Waste Log Maker From Natural Collection

The second is a Logmaker from which compresses not only paper but card, garden waste, wood chippings, wrapping paper, junk mail and even dry tea bags into a log wrapped in newspaper. The advantage of this system is that the log is usable instantly as no water is used in the compacting process. These are available from Logmaker, Natural Collection and Ethical Superstore.

Start making them now while the weather is good and you could have enough to see you right through the winter!

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