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Where Can I Recycle.....My Bra?

If you have bras that you don't wear any more, you may be wondering what to do with them. Most charity shops will only sell underwear that is unworn and still has the labels on it. If you do donate worn items they can however benefit the charity by being sold as 'rag' (as can any unsalable clothing). Most large charities will accept rag (for example Oxfam or Age UK) but it's best to check first, especially with smaller organisations.

If you have a genuinely vintage item you might be able to sell it to a vintage store or on eBay, indeed worn modern items regularly sell on eBay.

However you can also donate used bras to the Bra Appeal, who will donate the bras to an organisation which sells them to traders in third world countries, allowing them to help their own local economies. Furthermore for each Kg of bras donated £1 is given to Breast Cancer Campaign.

They can use nearly all types of bra:

  • All Sizes, even US or European, even very large or very small.
  • All styles of bras but not too sexy.
  • All clasps and straps must be in working order and bras must be in good condition.
  • All types of bra, maternity, nursing, sports etc…

Your donated bras should be sent to: — Bra Appeal
P.O. Box 71
Craven Arms

For more information and to find out which charities are being helped visit

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