Eco Decorating

Anyone who aspires to be truly green will want to extend this to their home, and so when the time comes to redecorate there are lots of ways that you can make environmentally friendly choices for your decorating.

Green Paint!

For a quick spruce up of your paintwork you can choose an Eco Paint. Most conventional paints contain solvents, acrylics and acrylic softeners which are hazardous both to health and the environment.  Eco paints are usually water based; use eco friendly and natural ingredients as possible as pigments, binding agents and solvents.  They also may not use chemical fungicides or preservatives.  To buy eco-paints try Ieco.

Terramed is a traditional wall treatment which is a natural ochre plaster made of clays from the Mediterranean basin, combined with sand and cellulose.  It is based on materials that have been used in the Mediterranean for thousands of years and can be used anywhere that wallpaper can be used, apart from the ceiling.  Find out more at Eco By Design

Flooring choices can also be environmentally friendly too.  The most popular flooring material is bamboo, which is stronger than oak, stable, easy to work with, environmentally friendly and non-allergic.  Anyone who has bamboo in their garden will know that it grows very easily so is much more sustainable than hardwoods.  Visit The Bamboo Flooring Company to find out more.  Cork is another popular choice, as it is durable, attractive and has the added benefit of dampening sound and can also be used as an underlay.  Find out more at Wood You Like  

Cotton materials are usually grown using a huge amount of pesticides. Whilst it is easier to buy organic clothing now, it is still comparatively difficult to get hold of organic Curtains & Textiles.Many places do sell fair-traded and ethical accessories, but curtains are tough to track down. If you are handy with a sewing machine, Greenfibres offer organic wool, hemp, linen and cotton for you to make your own curtains or cushion covers. Buy Organics offer a 100% hemp shower curtain.  Hemp is a very robust plant which grows without needing pesticides, and so it an excellent plant for making environmentally friendly items from.

Ethical Home Accessories from Natural Collection

Finally the easy and fun bit! For truely eco accesorising, visit your local charity shop, antique shop, flea market, vintage fair, or even ask your friends if they have anything they don't want any more. Once you've exhauseted all the possibilities of finding secondhand accessories that fit your style, you can accessorise your home with new ethical home accessories.  Everything from vases and lighting, tea towels and candles to throws and picture frames – try Ethical Superstore or By Nature. This lovely Jazzy range is from Natural Collection.

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the editor of Reduce Reuse Recycle.

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