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How To Recycle Ferrero Rocher Plastic Boxes

How To Recycle Ferrero Rocher Plastic Boxes

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Now please don't get me wrong; I am rather fond of those tasty chocolate pralines - approved by the ambassador himself if you believe the advertisements. They do look incredibly pretty in their glossy plastic box, wrapped in golden foil and nestling in a paper tray.

However, once you have scoffed these treats, you have a dilemma. How to dispose of the not inconsiderable quantity of packaging that they come in?

Some of it is easy. The tin foil is aluminium and can be included in your household recycling collection in pretty much all of the UK. The same applies to the paper tray.

But what about that chunky plastic box?

Firstly, the cannot be put into your household recycling bin. They are the wrong type of plastic. Which means that they would have to go in your waste bin, and then onto landfill.

Any Other Options?

There are some places that you can take your box for recycling. Terracycle, who collect many otherwise hard to recycle objects, have a Ferrero Pralines Recycling Programme, with locations across the UK. They also accept the foil and paper parts of the packaging as well.

If you are not lucky enough to live close to one of these drop off points, you can volunteer to become a drop of point, or you can collect these items at home and ship them off via a UPS label that you can request from Terracycle.

What Else Can I Do With My Ferrero Rocher Box?

Ferrero are keen to suggest that you reuse your containers for storage, and there are a great number of creative ideas on Pinterest for ways to upcycle your box into a unique piece.

It is also possible to sell your empty Ferrero Rocher boxes on eBay. Yes, people really do buy them. I'm guessing that perhaps they use them for crafting, or like to use them as matching storage boxes.

You won't get rich this way, and it seems to be most worthwhile if you have quite a collection to sell. Don't forget to take into account the postage cost!

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