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Where Can I Recycle...Printer & Toner Cartridges

Where Can I Recycle Printer and Toner Cartridges

Image Credit: Davide Guglielmo

If you have printer or toner cartridges that you need to dispose of, you probably would like to ensure that they are handled in a an environmentally friendly way.

Inkjet printer cartridges can be quite easily recycled - many areas have local businesses that will refill cartridges for you, so you can take them along to be refilled yourself. You can even buy ink and refill them yourself.

If you don't want to do that, there are also many charities and organisations that collect used cartridges to help them raise funds. Perhaps your local school collects them to raise extra funds.  Many charities collect them too, and these can often easily be donated to one of their shops.

If all else fails, you should be able to take them to your local recycling centre, as most will accept them nowadays.

Find Your Local Recycling Facilities

Toner Cartridges are widely collected as well, often by the same organisations who collect the cartridges.

Recycle your Printer and Toner Cardridges

Here is a list of some organisations who can help you recycle your printer and toner cartridges. Some are only able to accept certain makes of cartridge, so please check before you send or donate them.

  • Empty Cartridge is one of the largest collectors of used printer cartridges in the UK, you can save your empty printer cartridges and earn money for your charity, school, business or even yourself. They can also collect and recycle surplus or unused items.
  • collect cartridges and split the money raised between three charities, SeeAbility, CRUSE Scotland and Cardiac Risk In The Young.
  • Green Agenda handle used printer ink and toner cartridges for business, charities or educational establishments.
  • Recycling Box supply collection boxes and collect cartridges from businesses.
  • Memorandum Memorandum offer a free of charge collections service to raise funds for charity. They recycle Franking Cartridges, Laser Cartridges, Inkjet Cartridges and Fax Cartridges.
  • Zero Waste Recycling are printer cartridge and mobile phone recycling service. They offer boxes and collections and can offer co-branded services for business. It is a true Zero Landfill service.

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of Reduce Reuse Recycle.

Updated 13th January 2017

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