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How To Recycle Plastic Milk Bottle Tops

How To Recycle Plastic Milk Bottle Tops

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Something of a mythology has grown up about the collection of plastic milk bottle tops for recycling; they have been the subject of numerous charity collection hoaxes, whereby it is suggested that if you can collect the weight of a wheelchair in tops you will earn a wheelchair for some needy child. 

Sadly these pranksters play on our wish both to help others and recycle something which otherwise has to go into the bin – some councils that collect plastic bottles for recycling ask that you remove the lid, some ask you to leave it on.

So can you actually recycle these bottle tops and help charities?  Yes!

Charities which are collecting Plastic Milk Bottle tops

If you do hear of any schemes for collecting plastic bottle tops for charity, we recommend that you please contact the charity in question directly to confirm that they are actually collecting. 

Any charity would undoubtedly prefer a quick phone call rather than having bags of unwanted bottle tops arriving unexpectedly. And if you find any more genuine charities who are collecting them, please let us know, so that we can pass the message on.

Start Your Own Milk Bottle Top Collection

If you wish to collect milk bottle tops for recycling there is one place that we know of that accepts milk bottle tops in smaller quantities for recycling.

GHS Recycling Ltd are in Portsmouth. They have a minimum quantity which they will accept for payment, however they have told us that they are happy to accept small amounts of milk bottle tops on behalf of charities, which they will keep on file and they will inform groups every 2 months how their total is mounting up.

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