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How To Recycle Paint

How Can I Recycle Paint

Image Credit: Davide Guglielmo

Many of us find that we have half a pot of paint sitting in our shed or garage that we no longer need; maybe the previous owners of the house left it behind; maybe you over-purchased, have now redecorated the room that you used it in or perhaps you can’t even remember why you bought it!

Donate Your Paint

If you want to donate your paint to a good cause, Community RePaint collects reusable domestic paint in reasonable condition for redistribution to community and voluntary groups, charities and individuals in social need.

You can find the nearest collection point to you on their website. They can accept most types of domestic paint such as gloss, emulsion, eggshell, exterior and tile paint as well as varnishes.

Paint Disposal

Paint, especially older paints, can contain lots of nasty chemicals. Please ever pour any type of paint away down a drain. Many local council recycling centres will accept small quantities of paint for disposal. 

Don’t forget that clean empty paint containers can be recycled too – those metal gloss tins can be included with metal recycling, although many other uses are possible, including using them as contemporary planters.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Better still; ensure that you are not left with a lot of leftover paint by carefully calculating the amount of paint which you require before you buy it. 

Measure the length and height of each of your walls and multiply the length and height of each wall together to find the area. 

Now add all of those areas together. (Hey! there was a purpose to all those maths lessons at school….). 

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