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How To Recycle An iPod or iPad

iPod Touch

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Many millions of people own an iPod or iPad, but what do you do when you want to upgrade to a new model, or if your iPod or iPad no longer works.

Recycling of electronic equipment is very important; whilst minimising the amount of material that goes to landfill is important, MP3 players and tablets contain some very rare and valuable metals - albeit in very small amounts.

Some of these are toxic if they leach into the soil. many are valuable, and the more we can recycle, the less we have to dig out of the ground. Many parts can also be re-used, for example for repairs.

So you really do want to recycle your iPod or iPad rather than just throw it away.

If your iPod or iPad is Working

  1. Ask your friends and family if they would like it - someone probably will and you might be able to sell it to them.
  2. Try to sell your device through your local paper, eBay, Amazon or local listings magazine.
  3. Many charities will also be grateful to recieve unwanted iPods or iPad. Ask in your favourite charity shop if they are able to accept them.
  4. Offer it on your local Freecycle website.

Whether your item is functional or not you can return it to Apple UK for recycling. If the your iPod or iPad has any monetary value they will pay you for it. The following websites also offer money for your old iPod or iPad. Some of these offer cash even if the item is broken.

Image Credit: Apple

If you do not wish to recycle your item for cash or donate it to a worthy cause, it should be disposed of at your local recycling centre which accepts electronic items for WEEE disposal.

Find your nearest recycling centre at

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