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How To Recycle Floppy Disks

How to recycle Floppy Disks

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If you have been into computers for more than a few years, you may have a stack of redundant floppy disks stashed away. You don't want them to go to landfill, so can they be recycled?

Generally it is suggested that individuals contact their local council about recycling them, however most councils don't even include the on their list of recyclable objects.

Unfortunatly there does not seem to be anywhere in the UK that will accept old Floppy Disks for recycling, so it looks like you would have to put them in the bin if you want to get rid of them.

Is There Anything Else That I Can Do With Them?

If any of the disks are genuine, original versions of commercial software (i.e. not copies) you might have some luck selling them on eBay, there does seem to be a small market for that sort of thing from collectors of old computer materials.

There are also a fair number of new blank floppy disks and 3.5" disc drives for sale on Amazon, so if you have unused, wrapped disks you may be able to sell them too.

I think this must be part of the trend for retro electronics, rather like the resurgence in sales of vinyl records. Since it is also possible to buy coasters styled as floppy disks, why not just use the real thing for your coffee mug?

So What Can I Do With Used Disks

There are a number of interesting ideas for reusing floppy disks.

A number of creative people have recycled their old floppy disks by making something out of them, such as this bag which is rather clever (but must weigh a ton to carry around) or you could make your own model of the Starship Enterprise.

The most popular way of "upcycling" them seems to be to make a pencil pot or planter.

Do you know of any organsations which will accept them from individuals for reuse or recycling? Do you have any other great ideas for recycling them? Contact Us and let us know.

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