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How To Recycle Fairy Lights

How can I Recycle Fairy Lights

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These are the fun strings of lights that you put on your Christmas tree or use to decorate your house, inside and out.

They are also known as party lights, festive lights, Christmas lights, fairy lights or string lights.

How To Recycle Old Fairy Lights

If you are still using an old set of lights with replacable tungsten (incandescent) bulbs, the bulbs cannot be recycled and should be disposed of in your household waste.

The rest of the set such as the lead and the actual 'string' bit can be recycled as an electrical item.

If you have a set of LED fairy lights that are no longer working, these should be recycled in the same way as any other small electrical item; you can either take them to your local household recycling centre or put them out with your household recycling if your local council accept electical items with their recycling collection.

One final idea; from time to time, usually for a couple of weeks after Christmas, some charities will collect used fairy lights for recycling as part of their charity drive.

The campaigns change from year to year so keep an eye out at your local supermarket or shopping centre, as they are the most common locations for fairly light recycling collection points.

How To Recycle Fairy Lights

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