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How To Recycle Electricals and Electronics

How To Recycle Electrical & Electronic Items

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Most electrical and electronic items can be disposed of for recycling easily in the UK.

If the item in question has a plug on it or is operated by batteries it can be taken to your local household recycling centre. Many local councils will also collect some electrical and electronic items for recycling as part of your kerbside collection.

Small Electricals

Many local councils will also take small electrical items away with your kerbside recycling collection. My local council describes small as "anything that could fit inside a supermarket carrier bag", so this means, for example, items such as kettles, toasters, battery powered toys and gadgets, radios, small TVs, screens, laptops and phones.

Large Electrical Items

Larger items - "white goods" such as refrigerators, ovens and washing machines can be taken to a household recycling centre. Some councils will collect these items but will usually charge for this.

If you are buying a new appliance to replace an old one, you may be able to arrange for it to be taken away when your new item is delivered, but again you will usually be charged for this.

Does It Still Work?

If your item still works you might be able to sell it, for example on ebay, local advertisement websites or local newspapers and magazines.

Items such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops can be sold via one of the many mobile phone recycling companies in the UK. Even if it is not working it may be worth a few pounds.

How To Recycle A Mobile Phone

Before you dispose of any electrical equpiment which may contain personal information, you should always check that you have removed any information that could identify you, and downloaded all files and pctures that you want to keep. The following three articles from Which? have some excellent advice on how to do this.

What to do before you sell your smartphone

What to do before you sell your tablet

What to do before you sell your laptop

Can You Donate It?

Battery operated or rechargable items may be accepted by charity shops.

Some charity shops will accept electrical goods with a plug. THis is generalli if they have someone who can PAT test it to ensure that it is safe. Please always check that the shop can accept it before donation, or it will probably end up in the bin and go to landfill anyway, even if it is still working.

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