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How To Recycle Clothing and Other Textiles

How to Recycle Clothing and Other Textiles

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Do you have clothing, bedding, curtains, underwear or other fabric and textile items that you want to recycle?

Many items which are thrown away could be reused, and the good news is that over 50% of textiles are recycleable.

Sell or Donate

If you have clothes, sheets, blankets and other household textiles such as towels, tea towels and curtains that are in good condition you could:-

Can You Mend it?

A lot of clothing and other textiles are disposed of just because of popped seams and lost buttons. The website is a brilliant resource for information on how to care for your clothes, including how to clean them, remove stains, repair and alter clothing.

For the more adventurous there are ideas on how to upcycle, alter and otherwise get creative with your old clothing.

You can also find videos on YouTube on how to do most repairs on clothing, and there are lots of articles online about how to repair things too.

Items In Poor Condition

Just because an item of clothing is in too poorer condition to wear or a towel is just too grey and disgusting to hang in the bathroom any longer, does not mean it's useful life is over quite yet.

Got Any Unwanted Knitting Yarn?

If you have knitting yarn that you want to get rid of you can also donate it to a charity shop. If you have a collection of oddments of wool these are often perfect for using to knit items for many charity knitting projects.

Even if you cannot knit, there may be a local knitting group that would be happy to receive the yarn too. Here is a list of charities that are currently looking for knitted and crocheted items.

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