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How Green Am I?

How Green Are You?

Image Credit: Michael Lorenzo

Are you a Green Rookie, an Eco Warrior or a Planet Perfectionist?!

We are all becoming more and more environmentally aware these days. Recycling is a way of life, we donate unwanted items to charity and buy secondhand where possible. But just how green is your lifestyle?

Here is a fun quiz to find out just how environmentally friendly your life is. Answer these questions and find out how far down the green road you are.

How Green Am I Quiz

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Question 1:

A Lightbulb

What type of lightbulbs do you use?

A) CFL Energy-saving bulbs.
B) A mix of CFL and LED
C) 100% LED Light Bulbs

Question 2:

How much of your household waste do you recycle?

A) I use the household recycling collection facilities provided by my local council.
B) As A, but I also take other items to my local recycling centres.
C) As A and B, and I compost/use a food waste collection bin where available.

Question 3: A baby in a nappy

Image Credit: Picsea

Did/do you use washable nappies for your children (if you have not had children you will have to say what you think you would do, however many good intentions are ruined by sleepless nights!)

A) No (but I felt really guilty about it, honest)
B) Used them mostly but did use some disposables in emergencies.
C) Only ever used washable nappies..

Question 4: A car

Image Credit: Dan Gold

How many cars do you have in your household?

A) Two or more.
B) One.
C) I don't own a car.

Question 5:

How do you keep your house clean?

A) I choose environmentally sound cleaning products, but occasionally for a really tough cleaning job, I get out the bleach and Mr Muscle.
B) I use all environmentally friendly products from the supermarket.
C) White vinegar, baking soda and elbow grease.

Question 6: Fruit

How much organic food do you eat?

A) I buy some organic products from my supermarket.
B) As A, and I also buy from local farmer's markets.
C) I grow all my own food.

Question 7:

A Washing Machine

Image Credit: PlanetCare

How green are your household appliances?

A) I'm always pleased when the appliance I like the look of is energy efficient too!
B) I buy the highest rated appliance that suits my needs.
C) I buy the highest rated appliance available.

Question 8:


What do you do with books, clothes and other items that you no longer need?

A) Bin 'em.
B) Put them in a cupboard and forget about them
C) Give them to family and friends, charity shops, jumble sales or sell them at car boot sales, on eBay or in my local newspaper.

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