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Scrapstores In The UK

A Scrapstore is a place where individuals and businesses can donate items so that community organisations can use them for art and craft activities.

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A scrapstore is an organisation which collects and saves items that would otherwise be thrown away so that they can be used for art and craft projects, usually with children but adults can join in the fun too.

It is a sort of reuse craft store that is a fantastic way to reuse materials which would otherwise be thrown away, while giving children and adults lots of materials to get creative with.

A scrap store can provide affordable materials that can be supplied to schools, playgroups, holiday clubs, special needs groups and other community organisations.

Some scrapstores even organise their own art activity sessions in school holidays and weekends. Others sell items to the general public online or in local shops to raise money to fund their activities.

Can I Donate To A Scrapstore?

Some scrapstores will only accept donations from local businesses while some will accept donations from the general public.

If you wish to donate materials to your local scrapstore it is always best to contact the organisation in advance to check what types of material they will accept.

Scrapstores in the UK

The items will change on a regular basis depending on recent donations. So no material is guaranteed, but that is the fun of it - see what they have and let yourself be inspired.

  1. Scrapstores in England
  2. Scrapstores in Scotland
  3. Scrapstores in Wales
  4. Scrapstores in Northern Ireland

Scrapstores in England

Scrapstores in Wales

Scrapstores in Scotland

Scrapstores in Northern Ireland

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