How To Recycle Your Glasses

How To Recycle My Glasses (Spectacles)

If your prescription has changed or you have a pair of specs which you no longer use, how can you dispose of them?

They cannot be recycled through kerbside collection, or taken to a recycling centre, so how can you avoid sending them to landfill?

Reuse Your Favourite Frames

If you like the frames but need a new presription, your optician should be able to take your old frames and swap out the lenses. This only works if you have a spare pair to use in the meantime of course!

If your local optician can't do this, online optician Framesavers will put new lenses in your favourite frames.

Please do not donate unwanted spectacles to your local charity shop unless they specifically request them. Most cannot resell glasses - or sunglasses - with prescription lenses, so they will just end up in the bin.

If you don't wish to reuse your frames, there are a number of charities which could use your glasses, usually sending them overseas to people who need glasses but for whom they are unaffordable.

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How To Recycle Glasses (Spectacles or Eyeglasses)

Last updated 12th February 2018

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