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Where Can I Recycle...My Computer

Where Can I Recycle or Donate an Old Computer?

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Do you have an unused computer, laptop, monitor or tablet that you would like to get rid of?

Lots of schools used to accept donations of unwanted computers. It is possible that schools may still appreciate newer models of PCs, however most schools these days seem to be awash with PCs more modern than the one I'm using at the moment to type this, provided by enthusiastic PTAs.

If the computers at school are more than a couple of years old, the kids just complain that they've got better stuff themselves, as they bring a laptop or an iPad out of their schoolbag.

Where to Donate Your Computor

If you do not know of a local organisation that accepts computer equipment, here are some places where the you can donate any personal computing equipment for reuse or recycling.

Many of these organisations will refurbish them and give them to disadvantaged people either in the UK or abroad, so remember to remove all your personal information from your equipment before you donate it..

  • Age UK Age UK can accept any working PC, desktop body, tablet, mobile phone, screen or laptop. Visit the website for how to send your items for free.
  • PC Recycler Based in Blackpool, Lancashire this social enterprise will collect 20 items or more free of charge from anywhere in mainland UK (subject to terms and conditions). Single items can be donated but must be delivered to them. The computers are donated to community projects in Blackpool and the North West.
  • Donate A PC Free 'matchmaking' service for individuals and organisations to donate un-needed hardware (computers, printers etc) to UK charities, not-for-profit organisations and educational establishments. Post your item on the website and wait for a worthy cause to get in touch.
  • Computer Aid International Accept computers from both businesses and individuals and refurbish them to send to schools and other organisations in developing countries. Can be donated from anywhere in the country if you can pay the delivery cost or can be delivered in person to their offices in London, but they ask that you ring ahead to arrange a time.
  • Dell If you have a Dell system to donate or have just bought a Dell system, you can donate it for recycling or donation to disabled and economically-disadvantaged children and adults across the UK.
  • UK IT Recycling Ltd Will accept home PCs and laptops if you can deliver it yourself. They have collection centres all over the UK.
  • Jamie's Computors Jamie's Computers is the computer recycling social enterprise arm of The Society of St James; Southampton's largest homeless charity. They can arrange a collection from anywhere in the South (including Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, London, Dorset, Somerset, Sussex, Kent, Oxfordshire, Bucks, Wiltshire) but might ask for a small contribution towards transportation costs for locations outside of Hampshire.

Recycling Your Computor

Computers can be left at your household recycling centre for recycling along with any other electrical equipment that you need to dispose of.

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of Reduce Reuse Recycle.

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