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Standby Buster

Standby Buster

Leaving your appliances on standby is a big waster of electricity - some items use up to 85% of the power that they consume while in use!

Standby Buster is a remote controlled electrical socket that lets you switch appliances off completely so that they use no electricity.

Leaving them on standby unnecessarily uses electricity costing you money and contributing to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. Standby Buster requires no installation; you simply plug it into an existing socket to convert it to remote control. Standby Buster is the only consumer electronics mains switch to be recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

Standby Buster is available as a starter pack containing one remote control and one socket (rated for up to 3680W) or as a value pack containing three Standby Buster electrical sockets and one Standby Buster remote controller that can operate up to four zones, each zone with an unlimited number of Standby Buster sockets.

Standby Buster would make a great gift for a less than environmentally-minded friend, as well as being a great way to persude the kids not leave TVs on standby.

The Standby Buster is available at Mind you use rechargeable batteries in the remote now.....

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