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Solar Panels

Have you ever thought that you would like to try out using solar power, but are put off by the cost of having solar panels all over your roof? There are lots of smaller, easy-to-fit solar panels available which can produce enough power to light sheds, summer houses and caravans.

Solar Mate

The most widely available kit is a Solar Lighting Kit. They work by charging a battery (a normal car or caravan battery that can be bought from a garage) during the day while it is light and the energy can then be used at night to power lighting. Most kits include the panel, lights, bulbs and fixings and can be fitted at home by anyone - no specialist knowledge is required. The panels will charge sucessfully even in overcast weather, so you don't need to worry that the British weather is not suitable for solar panels!

This type of kit can be bought from Nigel's Eco Store, Natural Collection.

Solar Power Station

If you would like to go one step further you can have your own Solar Home Power Station. This is a panel that comes with it's own frame which can be placed in your garden or on a flat roof. The panel charges up a battery which is connected to a socket, which you can just plug your electrical items straight into. The kit will power most household electrical devices such as a CD player, TV, video, DVD, satellite box, gaming stations, lap top, mobile phone charger, toaster, coffee maker and even an electric lawnmower. This one is available at Solar Shop.

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