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Summer’s Coming –
Grab An Organic Sunscreen!

7th May 2009

With some warm weather already behind us, sunscreen is on everyone’s shopping list to prepare for the coming summer months. However, did you know that you can protect your skin using natural ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals?

If you have sensitive skin, suffer from prickly heat or simply wish to avoid some of the chemicals used in lots of the major brands, you should switch to using organic sunscreens. These tend to be a good choice for children too, as children have more delicate skin which requires gentle but effective protection.

Organic sun lotions like those from Green People offer a more natural way of staying protected from the sun. They don’t contain the irritating ingredients sometimes used in mainstream sun lotions and utilise sun protection ingredients provided to us by nature.

Earth mineral Titanium Dioxide and p-methoxycinnamate, a cinnamon-derived UV filter, are just two natural ingredients which are highly effective at preventing the sun’s rays damaging the skin. These are combined in Green People’s sun lotions to protect from both UVA and UVB rays.

Green People is currently offering £3 off its No Scent Organic Sunscreen with SPF22 and £2.50 off its Children’s Lavender Sun Lotion with SPF25. Stock up for summer and discover the natural way to stay safe in the sun!

Plus, Green People is offering a special 10% discount on EVERYTHING during May! For more information visit

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