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Energy Saving Meters

We all know, I hope, that we need to use less of the Earth's resources, and so reducing out electricity usage in a good way to do that; don't leave appliances on standby and switch off lights in empty rooms for example.

But if you want to keep a more careful eye on how much power the elecrical equipment in your house uses, there are a couple of gadgets availble which can monitor the amount of power you are using. Not only will they show you your power consumption they can also demonstrate how much that electricity is costing you - and how much money you can save.

Efergy Energy Saving Meter

The most widely available meter is called the Efergy Energy Saving Meter which costs around £45. Just attach the supplied sensor and transmitter to your home's or office's electricity meter. You can do this yourself - you don't need an electrician - and the portable display unit instantly tells you how much energy you are using.

The information is recorded by day, week and month, and updates every six seconds, so you can easily see the cost of turning on the tv or making a cup of coffee. The Efergy Energy Saving Meter is available at

The Wattson

However if you want a designer energy saving meter then new on the market is The Wattson. A little pricier at £125, it is equally easy to install and displays you energy usage and the cost of the power which you are using. However it also glows as you use it - blue for low energy usage and red for high energy usage - so even younger children will be able to understand how their actions, such as turning on the TV, affect the houshold power usage.

The Wattson is available at Nigel's Eco Store

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