10 Natural Aluminium Free Deodorants That You Can Buy In The UK

Natural Aluminium Free Deodorants That You Can Buy In The UK

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If you are concerned about the effect of aluminium which is contained in most deodorants you may wish to try one of the many alternatives available.

All are aluminium-free and most also are free from parabens.

However it should be stated that as yet, there is no clear link between use of aluminium based deodorants and cancer. Here is Cancer UK's statement on this issue. They also state that there is as yet no confirmed link between the use of parabens and breast cancer either.

10 Aluminium-Free Deodorants

  1. Pitrok Natural Crystal Deodorant
  2. Pitrok is one of the best known brands of aluminium free deodorant available in the UK. It needs to be used on damp skin, so it works best when you have just had a bath or shower.

    Made from natural mineral salts and free of parabens and triclosan, it is widely available at many high street pharmacies asuch as Boots and Superdrug, at many supermarkets and online at Amazon

  3. Neal's Yard Rose & Geranium Roll On Deodorant
  4. This beautifully scented deodorant from Neal's Yard is clinically proven to give 24hr protection, and it guard against odour and wetness with shikimic acid and moisture-absorbing bamboo powder.

    Available from Neal's Yard or you can even buy it with your shopping from Ocado.

  5. Every Man Jack Aluminium Free Cedarwood Deodorant
  6. Trendy US brand Every Man Jack's Cedarwood Deodorant is aimed at the masculine market, and contains cotton extract and witch hazel to absorb wetness.

    You can find it at Amazon here in the UK.

  7. Biork the Real Ecological Deodorant
  8. Swiss deodorant brand Biork is a real eco friendly brand as well as bing kind to your body; it is not just aluminium free and odourless, it comes in a biodegradable cork container too.

    It is not widely available in the UK at time of writing, but can be found online at Boobalou

  9. MALIN+GOETZ Eucalyptus Deodorant
  10. US Brand Malin+Goetz's natural eucalyptus extract deodorant contains odor-neutralizing citronellyl and is appropriate for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Formulated without aluminum, alcohol and parabens it can be found from Amazon or direct from MALIN+GOETZ.

  11. Soft & Gentle Aluminium Free Active Deodorant
  12. Soft and Gentle's Aluminium free deodorant is available as both a roll-on and a spray and contains bamboo powder, sage and horsetail.

    Affordably priced, it can be found in larger supermarkets and high street parmacies as well as online at Natural Collection.

  13. PROCOAL Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm
  14. This one is a balm, so you have to rub a small amount of it under your arms, with your fingers, aluminium-free, it contains no parabens, triclosan, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. PROCOAL has a gender neutral fragarence and the charcoal absorbs up to 1000 times its weight in moisture.

    It can be bought direct from Procoal

  15. Bionsen Roll-on Deodorant
  16. Bionsen is another of the longer established brands of aluminium-free deodorant. Containing Japanese spa minerals it gently deodorises even the most sensitive skin however it does not prevent perspiration.

    It is available widely at supermarkets and parmacies as well as at Amazon.

  17. Tisserand Lavender & White Mint Deodorant
  18. Tisserand deodorant is delicatly fragranced and will give 24 hour protection form odour.

    You can find it at Big Green Smile UK along with a version with a Rose & Geranium Leaf fragrance too.

  19. Jason Naturally Fresh Deodorant Stick
  20. Jason deodorants are unscented but are available in two different types, one for men and one for women - both can be found at Natural Collection. It is also ina a nice gender neutral aloe vera version at Big Green Smile UK

    Both contains zinc ricinoleate, corn starch and baking soda to neutralize odour. Grapefruit Seed Extract, is also free from parabens or phthalates.

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