Bob the Builder Project: Build It

Bob's Big Plan

Bob's contribution to environmental education is now out on video and DVD.

You must of course, for a moment, suspend your disbelief that a humble builder can in the space of two days, design a whole environmentally friendly town with just the help of a couple of books from the library, build a model of his proposed project and be taken seriously enough to win the contract to build it. And then go on and build the whole town with the help of just one assistant...

The series discusses lots of environmental concepts - different green building methods, different ways of re-using building materials, using materials sympathetic to the landscape, working in harmony with nature for both factories and homes, and lots of sunflowers. Phew, all that for under 5's!

Of course this series is great fun with all your old friends Scoop, Muck, Roley, Dizzy, Spud and Pilchard get into the usual scrapes while Bob and Wendy build the town.

There is a return for Benny who we met in 'Snowed Under' and a new machine Scrambler, an off-roader. As a bonus for us grown ups, the doyen of suburban self sufficiency, Richard Briers, is the voice of Bob's Dad, drafted in to look after Bob's business while he is building his village in Sunflower Valley.

Better still his mother is voiced by suburban icon June Whitfield, who gets most of the really good lines.

Note: Voices are dubbed for the US edition.

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About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of Reduce Reuse Recycle.

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