Why Are Leaves Green?

A Tree Miscellany

Why Are Leaves Green?

When should I prune my trees? Why do leaves change colour? Which is the world's oldest tree? Does ivy kill trees? These are just some of the many questions that the people of this country regularly ask Britain's Tree Wardens.

Why are leaves green? (The Tree Council £9.99) is a colourful guide to everything you ever wanted to know about trees. The inspiration for the book came from two groups of Tree Wardens – in South Somerset and West Sussex – who are part of The Tree Council’s Tree Warden Scheme. They were keen to have answers to some of the questions about trees that they were frequently being asked. The Tree Council decided to help, and invited all its 7500 voluntary Tree Wardens across the UK to send in the most popular questions. These have been answered by The Tree Council's Jon Stokes and John White. This unique initiative has resulted in a handy guide which will prove invaluable for anyone interested in trees – not only Tree Wardens but also their local communities, schools and the general public.

The Tree Council is the lead UK tree campaigning partnership, promoting the planting and conservation of trees in town and countryside. It works with its 140 member organisations for effective action for trees, to make trees matter to everyone, for more trees of the right kind and in the right places, and for better care for all trees. It has produced this book in support of its Tree Warden Scheme, a UK-wide volunteering initiative which it co-ordinates nationally in partnership with National Grid and the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Subjects covered in the book include:

About the Authors:
Jon Stokes is Director of Rural Programmes for The Tree Council which founded the national Tree Warden Scheme in 1990.  An environmental charity, The Tree Council is the umbrella body for UK organisations working together for trees – planting, caring and enjoying. John White is former Forestry Commission Research Dendrologist and curator of the Westonbirt Arboretum.

Why Are Leaves Green? is available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

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