This Cold House:
The Simple Science of Energy Efficiency

This Cold House: The Simple Science of Energy Efficiency

If you are the slightest bit interested in saving the planet's resources, you probably know that there are trade-offs to be made; you don't drive several miles to recycle a few bottles, or replace a new and functional item with another just because it is more energy efficient. But what about the actions that we take where the trade-offs are not so obvious?

Does turning the thermostat down on a winter's night offset the costs of reheating the house in the morning? What will best prevent energy loss: new windows or insulation in the attic? Is heating oil cheaper than natural gas? Blending science with anecdote and example, In his new book This Cold House: The Simple Science of Energy Efficiency, Colin Smith answers questions like these, providing an insightful guide to creating an environmentally friendly home without sacrificing comfort.

This Cold House helps homeowners identify heating and cooling priorities and choose the most appropriate methods, tools, and equipment. Basic equations allow you to estimate possible savings in annual heating and cooling bills and determine payback times for improvement projects. Practical and entertaining, This Cold House illuminates the concepts behind energy efficiency and translates them into ideas you can use, whether you live in a castle, igloo, or house.

Author Colin Smith is a UK-based associate lecturer for both the Manchester Metropolitan University and the Open University, where he teaches courses related to consumer issues and the environment. He has recently retired and now enjoys writing for a wider audience

This Cold House: The Simple Science of Energy Efficiency is available at and

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