Simply Green: Giving

Simply Green: Giving

When Danny Seo was 12 years old, he inspired more than 25,000 teenagers across the USA to join him in a conservation effort called Earth 2000. Continuing his environmental commitment, the eco-conscious creative wonder kid has transformed gift giving into a cleverly resourceful and rewarding activity.

In Simply Green: Giving he suggest that you rip open old VHS tapes to wrap gifts in chic black bows, make easy handmade gifts such as a "global" fruit basket or blooming terracotta gift boxes.

You can learn the perfect and free way to wrap a bottle of wine and how to make your own Christmas cards and gift tags. This book will show you year-round ideas from simple and green hostess gifts, birthday presents, and more.

If you are tired of spending money on gift wrapping, only to see it ripped off the gift in two seconds flat and then put straight into the recycling box this is just the book for you.

Simply Green: Giving by Danny Seo is available at and

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