The Little Book of Garden Villains

If the festive season wasn’t chilly enough, readers of The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)’s new pocket sized gift book The Little Book of Garden Villains may well feel an extra shiver down their spines this Christmas. The Little Book of Garden Villains dishes the dirt on the worst garden pests and the damage they do.

Creepy crawlies, slimy slugs, malicious moles, curious cats, ruinous rabbits and avaricious aphids – they’re here in all their gory glory. Illustrated with identity parades of the worst offenders, from Aphid to Zlug (OK there aren’t any pests beginning with Z). With such a beguiling array of pests to tingle the spine it’s tempting to spend Boxing Day scouring the sale shelves for stocks of discounted pesticides. But whether you’re a first time gardener wanting to know what springtime will bring or an experienced green-fingered enthusiast looking for some fresh ideasThe Little Book of Garden Villains shows that the best solutions to pest control don’t come in a bottle.

"Understanding your garden is more important than understanding the labels on poisonous chemicals," says author Allan Shepherd. "You can’t go into a garden expecting to beat pests with a bottle and a spray gun. Pests become immune to chemical sprays and the sprays kill many predators too. Pests recover quicker than predators and once the predators have gone it’s harder to control pests. It’s a vicious circle that can only be broken if you start to appreciate what nature can do to help."

The Little Book of Garden Villains has a full run down of the most effective predators and shows how to encourage them into your garden. There are hundreds of organic solutions to pest control problems and The Little Book of Garden Villains helps the reader identify the most important - barriers, traps, biological controls, good garden health, plant selection. There’s even a pop-psychology quiz to help you work out whether you’re a Soldier, Commander, Defender or Pacifist.

As with all the Little Books there’s a healthy dose of humour to go with the serious message. And unlike most Christmas gift books on the market, all books from CAT are produced in the UK from recycled and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper. As profits from sales are ploughed back into work that helps protect the global environment you can be sure your Christmas stocking filler doesn’t cost the earth.

The Little Book of Garden Villains is available at all good bookshops, CAT Mail Order and

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