Eco-Bridesmaid's Carbon Busting Oz Odyssey

The choice between her principles and her best friend's wedding, lead to the greatest adventure of her life.


Babs2Brisbane is Barbara Haddrill's account of her incredible overland journey from Wales to Australia to be bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding: a brave odyssey that should earn her the respect of travellers everywhere.

Using buses, trains, bikes and boats, Babs carried her bridesmaid's dress through three continents, eighteen countries and a diverse, joyful and sometimes dangerous array of experiences. Going by plane would have churned out almost 10 tonnes more CO2, an entire years worth of emissions of the average UK citizen. Not going by plane changed the course of her life forever.

Described by Satish Kumar as 'a story filled with joy, intrigue, courage and adventure' Babs2Brisbane is a passionate plea for responsible travel, a practical travel guide and a meditation on the meaning of friendship in a globally warmed world.

Says Babs "Without having thought much about it, I realised I had made an unofficial commitment not to fly. I really wanted to be a bridesmaid for my friend but knew that I couldn't get to Australia by plane. It just went against all my principles. I found another way - the road less travelled - and it turned out to be the most incredible adventure I could have hoped for. Difficult at times, but also a once in a lifetime experience".

Babs2Brisbane contains numerous charming illustrations of life on the move and includes full details of visas, accommodation, vaccination requirements, tickets and transport options by boat, train, bus and bike. It is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in slow travel and a provocative read for those considering jetting off. It should be in departure lounges everywhere.

Babs2Brisbane is available from CAT Bookshop and

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