An Inconvenient Truth

This book and movie by former US vice-President Al Gore has received as much criticism as it has praise.

His mission in writing ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is to demonstrate that global warming is very real, and responsible for floods, droughts and the extreme weather we have experienced over the last few years. He explains how humans have caused it, and argues that if we don't work towards halting it we could end up destroying both the human race as well as many of the planet's other species.

So the question remains, why do we, and in particular the United States, not take this issue more seriously?

Al Gore has been both lauded and slammed for his work in bringing environmental issues to public notice.  The book as been criticized for being too simplistic; however it is not intended as a text book for environmental specialists, but as a way to get ‘light greens’ understand the big environmental issues. 

Gore has also been criticised for jumping on the environmental bandwagon as a way to keep himself in the public eye.  But truthfully, who cares when he is able to bring these issues to a wider audience?  If a Z-list actor or singer uses their public profile to highlight issues which are important to them, they are praised.  So when someone who actually understands how government works uses his position to publicise an issue of this magnitude, why is he accused of simply being attention seeking?

Maybe the truth he dares to speak is just too inconvenient for some?

The book An Inconvenient Truth is available at or

The movie An Inconvenient Truth (Cert U) was released on 15th September 2006 in the UK. 

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