52 Weeks To Change Your World

52 Weeks to Change your World

This pocket-sized book by Allan Shepherd and Caroline Oakley takes you week-by-week through a whole year of good things: for you, your family and your environment.

52 Weeks to Change your World provides the reader with fifty-two positive and practical actions that will improve our day-to-day lives and reduce the environmental impact of our habits. An innovative little book, 52 Weeks to Change your World offers a programme of achievable targets that will help people do something about global climate change. From easy tasks such as changing to green electricity, buying organic chocolate and taking an eco-holiday, to the harder challenges of reducing car use and setting up an eco-business.

52 Weeks to Change your World has something a bit different that can make all the difference to our world. With this book you can -

Author Allan Shepherd is the author of The Little Book of Slugs, How to Make Soil and Save Earth and several careers books, including The Sustainable Careers Handbook. Caroline Oakley has worked in publishing for 20 years: as an editor at Orion Books and now as Publisher at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

52 Weeks to Change your World is available at all good bookshops and Amazon.co.uk.

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