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How To Have A Green Easter

Green Easter

Chocolate Easter eggs are possibly one of the most over-packaged products on the market.  A huge cardboard box, perhaps a plastic moulding to hold the chocolate egg in place, then a shiny foil wrapping – all to hold a hollow egg, weighing only maybe 110g.

Many companies have now addresses this and have reducued the amount of packaging used in their Easter eggs.

I Was Given An Over-Packaged Egg - What Can I Do?

If you receive an egg like this, you can minimise the environmental impact;

  • The cardboard should be able to do into your usual paper and card recycling.
  • You may be able to put the aluminium foil in your kerbside collectio, if not your local recycling collection centre should have has facilities for collecting it.
  • The plasic is probably not recyclable unfortunatly.

How Do I Give An Environmentally Friendly Egg?

The best thing to do if you are giving eggs is to choose those with the least packaging – chose ones that are only wrapped in foil, or give an Easter gift instead.

How about traditional hand-painted Easter eggs and papier mache eggs using the plastic packaging from an egg as a mould?  This could then be decorated and filled with sweets or gifts.

If you really want to give a traditional type of Easter egg there are lots of fairtrade and organic Easter eggs available.

Some interesting facts about Chocolate Easter Eggs

  • Approximately 80 million chocolate eggs are sold each year in the UK.
  • A total of £308.2m was spent on Easter eggs in 2016.
  • The Cadbury Creme Egg is the most popular Easter Egg in the UK and over 500 million Creme Eggs are made every year worldwide. That means that we eat an average 3.5 Cadbury Creme Eggs each in this country.
  • A survey by Friends of the Earth (FoE), Scotland revealed that in some cases, for every £1 spent on eggs, consumers could be spending more on packaging. It estimated that 4,370 tonnes of cardboard and 160 tonnes of foil waste was created by packaging in 2007.

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of Reduce Reuse Recycle.

Updated 21st February 2017

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