How To Have A Green Easter

Green Easter

Chocolate Easter eggs are possibly one of the most over-packaged products on the market.  A huge cardboard box, perhaps a plastic moulding to hold the chocolate egg in place, then a shiny foil wrapping – all to hold a hollow egg, weighing only maybe 110g.

Many companies have now addresses this and have reduced the amount of packaging used in their Easter eggs.

I Was Given An Over-Packaged Egg - What Can I Do?

If you receive an egg like this, you can minimise the environmental impact;

How Do I Give An Environmentally Friendly Egg?

The best thing to do if you are giving eggs is to choose those with the least packaging – chose ones that are only wrapped in foil, or give an Easter gift instead.

How about traditional hand-painted Easter eggs and papier mache eggs using the plastic packaging from an egg as a mould?  This could then be decorated and filled with sweets or gifts.

If you really want to give a traditional type of Easter egg there are lots of fairtrade and organic Easter eggs available.

Some interesting facts about Chocolate Easter Eggs

Updated 21st February 2017

How To Have A Green Easter

Organic and Fairtrade Chocolate Eggs for Easter

Organic and Fairtrade Chocolate Eggs for Easter 2021

It's lovely to receive a chocolate egg at Easter, so even better why not make it a yummy organic, ethical or fairtrade Easter egg?

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