10 Green Resolutions for 2007

  1. Have you got a low energy light bulb in your house yet?  Good!  Time to get another one!  Double your savings – that’s more than £65 per bulb over its lifetime.
  2. Now is the time to start composting.  Gardeners may put you off by stressing about layering and getting the mix wrong.  Relax! It really is not that hard to compost.  Get chucking those garden clippings, vegetables peelings and old tea bags into a composter and magically in a years time you will have usable compost.  Most councils offer a basic composter for next to nothing; yes it will be a big, black Dalek-like contraption, but if you want to splash out you can get more aesthetically pleasing ones – or hide it behind a trellis….
  3. If you have no garden, and composting is completely out of the question, now is the time to start campaigning for your council to introduce a green recycling scheme.  
  4. What can you buy locally?  Save your local shops and businesses and reduce your food’s carbon footprint by buying locally produced food.  Visit www.bigbarn.co.uk to find local suppliers of food, plants and details of farmers markets in your area.
  5. You’re probably thinking about a holiday about now. Think about avoiding flying by holidaying in the UK or travelling abroad by boat or train.
  6. Be a hardcore paper recycler.  Every time you receive a piece of junk mail, a leaflet or a note from school which is not printed on both sides, save it as scrap paper for shopping lists etc.  You will, I promise, be shocked by the quantity which piles up quite quickly, especially if you have a couple of kids.
  7. If you got a new mobile phone for Christmas, donate your old handset to charity or sell it on for someone else to use. Recycle Your Mobile Phone.
  8. If you are having a New Year wardrobe clearout, remember as well as your local charity shop you can donate shoes to Unicef's Shoebiz Appeal to raise money for Children in Malawi. Shoes in good condition can be deposited at branches of Clarks.
  9. Decide if you really enjoy the programmes that you watch on television.  No?  Switch off and do something else.  Save some electricity.  Could you clear out a cupboard and find something to sell, to reuse or give to charity? 
  10. Consider changing to a green energy supplier. Ecotricity have been building wind turbines and selling electricity across the country since 1996.

Updated to correct dead links 2nd May 2010

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